Dundas Heritage Association Tours

Take a stroll or take a drive - there's lots to see! If you are interested in seeing an overview of what each tour entails you can view them individually on our map.

Cross Street Walking Tour

The Cross Street Walking Tour was our first tour, developed over 20 years ago. It is an easy-to-manage tour, and it once even came with an audio guide cassette tape! Before heading out you can look at the map and you will notice that it would be easy to add in a few extra places on your own!


Town Hall Walking Tour

The Dundas Town Hall is an impressive building, complete with clocktower and requisite jail and saloon history, that sets the stage for this interesting walk. Covering a range of commercial properties and residential homes, it is a great cross-section of historic Dundas, Ontario.


Central School Walking Tour

The properties on this tour all range from the mid-to-late 1800s, and offer a surprising range of styles. You begin at the Central Public School, which housed the second, public-school-system kindergarten in all of North America, and you finish at a classic Horatio Palmer cottage.


Perimeter Driving Tour

This is the only tour we have assembled which we suggest you might enjoy taking a drive. More spaced out than our walking tours, this tour boasts a range of impressive properties that represent what many visitors have come to associate with the grandeur of Dundas.

Jane's Walk in Dundas

Dundas is part of the ever-growing list of amazing Jane's Walks - in 2019 there were approximately 40 people who enjoyed a delightful Downtown Dundas Walking Tour looking at buildings from 1840-1870. Hosted by Jennifer Reid, the walk was entertaining and informative, and was full of interesting questions and comments.