Dundas Heritage Association

The Town of Dundas nestled next to the Niagara Escarpment, enjoys one of the most beautiful natural settings in all of Ontario. Its homes, shops and public buildings crafted from local materials, brick, wood, and stone, seem to grow right out of the valley itself, giving the town a distinctive character and an irreplaceable heritage.

The Canadian Heritage Movement

The Dundas Heritage Association is a group of private citizens dedicated to the preservation and orderly development of Dundas. It seeks to ensure that the special historical, geographic and architectural features of the Town we have inherited will continue to enrich the lives of all who make it their home. The local association is part of a growing movement spearheaded by the Heritage Canada Foundation which binds together people with similar aims in towns and cities across Canada.

What can we do to preserve our heritage?

The Association’s first aim is to propagate the principles of heritage conservation by educating the public to appreciate the value – monetary as well as social and cultural – of preserving old Dundas as a foundation of the Dundas of the future.

To this end, it publishes a newsletter, organizes programs on topics of local concern, brings in films and outside speakers, and maintains contact with like-minded groups in neighbouring areas. A special activity is the Plaquing Program, whereby local structure of particular interest and architectural quality are given recognition with a distinctive plaque that draws public attention to outstanding examples of heritage preservation.

Finally, the Association keeps its members and the public informed of development proposals, and makes its views known to the authorities concerned with planning and development, so that the ideal of heritage conservation is fully represented when decisions are taken that affect the future of the town. Here the aim is to encourage construction that well complement and enhance the heritage character of Dundas, whether through the recycling of old buildings for new purposes, or the erection of well-designed modern ones compatible in spirit and scale with the existing architectural environment.

Preservation and Progress go hand in hand – conservation and development can be reconciled if we remember that heritage is good business and that what we build today becomes the heritage of tomorrow.

Your financial support, moral encouragement and active participation are needed if the association is to realize its goals. Working together, the citizens of Dundas can help preserve its historic character while building a more beautiful and prosperous town – a special place to live in, and one we can hand proudly to future generations.

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